Phia Oac Mountain in Nguyen Binh District is covered in white frost on Friday as temperatures dropped to minus nine degrees Celsius, with ice appearing at an altitude of 1,400 meters and above.

The icy scene on Phia Oac Mountain is the result of a strong cold front that arrived in Vietnam's northern mountainous region Thursday, expected to last until next Wednesday.

At a height of 1,931 meters above sea level, Phia Oac is the second "roof" of Cao Bang Province, after the Phja Da peak.
Ha Cuong, author of the photo collection, said white frost has covered a large area of the mountain range.

In addition to frost, the area is also shrouded in dense fog.

White frost and ice have had mesmerized tourists thinking they’re lost in an European winter landscape.

Due to cold weather, visitors are advised to wear thick coats, full masks, and socks to keep their bodies warm. It is necessary to wear shoes with good traction due to slippery conditions.

Layers of ice about 1-2 centimeters thick can be found at the top of the mountain.

Harsh weather conditions have also greatly affected the lives and agriculture of local residents, the photographer said.
Vietnam is expected to experience a colder winter than usual this year as the Pacific Ocean sea surface temperature drops, forming the La Niña phenomenon, weather experts said. The country should expect up to 27 waves of cold air coming from the north this winter, a typical average.

Photos by Ha Cuong source Vnexpress

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