Location: Tam Duong District, Sa Pa, Lai Chau Province
Ideal for: Climbing
Height: 3,143 meters
Time to summit: 2 to 3 days
Difficulty level: Difficult

Fansipan, the so-called rooftop of Indochina region, is the best way to kickstart your mountainous adventure in Vietnam. Standing on the outer part of Sapa, the impressive mountain boasts a height of 3,143 meters.

It is truly a physical challenge for climbers, with its craggy route requiring at least 2 or 3 days to conquer. Also, an experienced guide is compulsory as it is not easy to navigate around. Nevertheless, the trekking trip is absolutely rewarding when you are completely immersed in the breathtaking nature of Hoang Lien Son Ranges.

The walking trail going up and down really challenges your capacity, but flat surfaces appear once in a while so you can take a break. In addition, in monsoon months, the road may get slippery, posing threats to climbers. So try to arrange your climbing around the period of November and March when the weather is fairly arid.

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