Location: Pa Ve Su, Muong Te District, Lai Chau Province
Ideal for: Climbing
Height: 3,076 meters
Time to summit: Around 3 to 4 days
Difficulty level: Very difficult

Pu Si Lung (aka Phu Si Lung) is located in the border region between Vietnam and China and it is a dream for both hikers and climbers. Along the 100 kilometer route, you will go through a variety of topography. The curvy mountain roads are only 1 to 2 meters in width, demanding you to be extra careful. The steep mountain slopes, compared with the curvy roads, are wider but packed with rocky obstacles. 

Pristine, untouched nature is one of the main allures of Pu Si Lung. As you walk through the primate jungles, you will observe a diverse range of exotic fauna and flora. As you go on, the phenomenal, vigorous streams of Nam Si Luong come into view. The unique way to cross these streams is through bridges made by broken trees strung together.


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